Saturday, October 8, 2011

After 2 weeks of being sick

1. My husband is wonderful: cleaning toilets, cleaning up the very messy kitchen, scrounging for his own food, bringing me things so I didn't have to get up, worrying about me.

2. My family is pretty great too: soup, phone calls, e-mails. I didn't feel forgotten while I was at home alone for so long.

3. The dog is pretty good too: I would have thought he'd be bothering me for a walk every single day at least a couple times, because that's what he does normally. But he was so patient. He kept me company. He slept a lot. He played with the cat. He would watch me when I coughed with a worried look on his face. Even the day N didn't walk him in the morning he was completely content to wait until evening for a walk. He's actually pretty smart and picks up on a lot that I wouldn't have guessed.

4. My students and their parents are amazing: No complaints when I rescheduled class, only to cancel it and then also reschedule the next week's class, on a Friday afternoon no less. They prayed for me, they were concerned for me. The students kept up with their reading assignments. They came to class on a beautiful Friday afternoon and were on their best behavior while I taught with a voice so bad I was even dropping words off the ends of my sentences.

5. Two weeks off work isn't always a vacation, but I sure hope it's enough to last me a couple months because this is it. My coworkers were pretty awesome about things too, by the way. I do find it kind of ironic that this was the precise time period I had wanted to take a few days for the beach but wasn't able to take off.

6. I got my fill of TV and Netflix for a while. A little too much time on Facebook. Some light reading too.

7. Fall arrived, though the leaves haven't really started to change yet. I spent some time soaking in the sunshine on the deck and it felt good.

8. It feels good to be on the mend. I'm sleeping through the night again. I have this weekend to rest up, and then it's back to the daily grind. I'm behind. The house needs cleaning. I have a lot of work to do for class. But at the moment I'm feeling ok about everything. I need patience with myself, and I have an even bigger excuse to give it now than usual. So hopefully I will, and who knows? Maybe going forward I'll have a little more too.

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