Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving, part 3

Last night we met some college friends for supper. We had to wait for a long time for a table but we had things to talk about, news to catch up on, opinions to share, mutual friends to ask about. These friends don't live very far away, but in our busy lives it is difficult to see each other more often. Still, it isn't too hard to pick up where we left off, and for that I know we are blessed.

I am thankful for Facebook and friends' blogs. I know it isn't as personal and I understand why people like to denigrate internet interaction. But all of my connections are with people that I really know or have known, and I care about what is going on in their lives. Facebook provides a way to connect in our oh so busy lives more quickly and more often than I would if I were e-mailing or calling people.

Today there is a Thanksgiving supper at church. Again, we will be blessed by the friendship within the church body, sharing a meal as the early church did. These are people that care about us, and want to know what is going on in our lives and how God is blessing us. There are hurts and trials among them, as I am reminded by the frequent prayer request e-mails, and I know I must begin to do better about consistently praying for them. I am part of the body as well, and must show the love of Christ.

This week will bring another chance to get together with one friend home for the week and one friend who is always there for me here. God is blessing me through many friendships. Even when life is crazy there are always people there. I'm thankful for this week of a relaxed schedule that allows me to meet friends without the threat of work hanging over my head (or at least not quite as immediate a threat as usual...yes, I need to force myself to stop procrastinating and get some work in later on).

I am so grateful for the common ground provided by the body of Christ. I know non-Believers have friends, but I can't help thinking that as Christians we are even more significantly blessed by our friendships. There is always some commonality if you are in Christ. We can be more open about our faults, our little (or big) trials and we can share each others burdens.

How has God blessed you lately through friendship? How can we bless others?

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