Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Thankful Post

Many people have been posting daily on Facebook about things they are thankful for.  I think it's a nice tradition, but I haven't.  In the past I've even done a Thankful series here on the blog, and I haven't done that either.  But I do have much to be thankful for.  So while I'm up at a ridiculous hour (and no, it has nothing to do with cooking a turkey) I thought I would jot down a few thoughts.

1. God's "works of providence... [H]is most holy, wise and powerful preserving and governing all [H]is creatures, and all their actions (Westminster Shorter Catechism question 11).  Recent current events have been rather discouraging, but we must never forget that God is working everything for good for His people.  And no, I don't believe He needs our country for this, but He does have a plan and we can rest in that even while we pray.

2. God's amazing blessings on a personal level as well.  Family.  Hope.  Provision for the future.  Today my husband's parents are coming to visit and we're all joining my family for Thanksgiving dinner.  In many families this would be a very tricky situation, and possibly one to be avoided at all cost, but I really am not worried. That's a blessing in itself.

3. Simple things, such as a warm bed, a clean (for now!) house, a break from teaching this week, a cat who hangs around when I'm up in the night even when the dog goes back to bed, good books to read, and the list goes on.

4. Thanksgiving cooking and baking: this year for me it includes Spinach Gratin, Cranberry Pear Pie, and wheat dinner rolls.

And of course, this list doesn't begin to scratch the surface.  It's so easy to moan and groan about being tired, or too busy, or stressed. We can easily just spend a day of overeating on Thanksgiving, forgetting what it was truly intended to be. Or we can count our blessings, one by one.

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