Thursday, September 15, 2011

Excellent (and convicting) read

I read this article Josh Harris reposted on his blog and I wanted to share. It is long, but well worth reading. It is written for homeschool and other family focused parents, but has applications for children, teachers, and Christians in general, I think.

I particularly appreciated point number 5, about being dependant on formulas (even Scriptural ones) rather than trusting in God alone and His provisions. "Yet many of us lean toward a formulaic mentality, because our fallen natures are drawn toward self-reliance. We want to feel that by our own efforts (works) we have achieved something that will make us acceptable to God - by nature we are legalistic." It is so easy to depend on ourselves without even realizing it.

There is so much here and I know it will take time to process.

What are your thoughts?

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